Saturday, December 27, 2008

People Think the End is coming but think again!

If you believe or not in the God of Creation you will be seeing the time come where all will see and believe. Jesus Christ is the Saviour of this World you must confess him as the Christ and believe within your heart that he is a Risen Saviour the Messiah that Israel has been looking for they do not know he has already come and was Crucified for them and the Sins of the World was laid upon him. He is our risen Lord and Saviour. Fear not for the time is coming you must see that he Loves you and wants you to understand that he laid down his life for you all you need to do is accept him as your Lord and saviour. Look at my other blogs the will tell you the story. The other religions of this earth are from the deceiver who seeks to kill and destroy as many as he can. any religion that promotes killing, that tells you that there is another way to God Thru Angels or other Messiah are all of the one that has been deceiving people since Eve and Adam. This is the Beginning not the End!

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